Answers to your questions

Other office spaces generally just offer tenants 4 walls and a key. At Legacy, we are combining modern, sleek, and stylish offices with hospitality and concierge type services and amenities to create the ultimate business class office experience.  In addition to this, we’re offering co-working spaces as well so that if you aren’t able to commit to the lease of an office, you can still use our co-working areas to get things done, and maybe even get inspired by other members within the co-working space. 

Learn more about how we are different here.

Aside from the awesome office suites we have, we also offer a mail receiving service that allows you to lease a box from us, and get your mail there. What are the benefits of doing this you ask?  This is really a nice tool for people who want to continue working from home but don’t want a home mailing address. When you have mail sent to our location instead of your home office, your address might read something like:
Your Company Name
3206 Longmire Suite A 50
College Station,  TX 77845
When customers or clients do a Google search of your address no longer will the front of your home appear, but instead they’ll see a professional and modern office complex.  Our Mail Plans may also come with use of our conference room so inquire about that. 

You will feel like you have a secretary working with you. It will include walking your guests back to your office suite if you’d like. Also included is bringing you and/or your guests (either in your office or in the conference room) beverages and snacks we stock in our Executive Pantry.  We may also do small level copying, shredding, meeting planning in our facility, and other concierge type tasks.

Many people feel like they are most motivated and inspired when they are in a shared space work environment.  Many of the world’s biggest start ups have actually found their beginnings in co-working spaces where founders met other entrepreneurs and shared ideas. Many “co-workers” even ended up collaborating together on these projects and writing amazing success stories. 

Yep. Executive Members only will have access to our Executive Essentials Continental Breakfast M-F.

For our Executive Level Members only, on a quarterly basis we will provide you a marketing and public relations expert to coach you and your business up on how to increase sales, how to network, how to improve your social media presence, and any other pointers we can give you on maximizing your business success.  Once in a while we’ll also give you a shout out on our own Facebook page so that our followers can be made aware of what your company is all about. Remember, we are not just trying to be a place you office out of. We want you to grow and we want you to one day look back and say “Legacy Suites & Solutions” was a big part of my growth. 

24/7/365 (For Executive Flex, Executive, and Traditional Office Suite tenants).

Each suite with Executive Membership will be allowed one reserved parking spot. There are reserved spaces in the back of the building as well as the front. It’s first come first serve, and your signage will be put in over the reserved sign you wish for depending on availability. 

Internet is included in your Executive or Traditional Membership monthly rent. No additional cost!

Yes and Yes.  Internet speed is 200 (Super Fast) mbps throughout the Legacy.  This goes for tenants of all membership levels. 

Don’t worry about that, its included in your rent. 

Each suite is allowed one Executive Membership at the rate shown. Amenities like Reserved Parking, Walk Back Service, Marketing Assistance, and Mail Box Key cannot be assigned to additional members of a single suite. However, some amenities such as access to our Executive Essentials Breakfast, and access to the Executive Pantry might be purchased for additional suite members for a nominal charge. 

For Traditional leases we provide a once a week trash empty, and vacuum. For Executive Level Membership we are doing a twice a week trash empty and vacuum service. 

Depending on how many hours are within your plan, it will be a first come first serve. You can reserve the conference room for as many hours that are allowed in your plan. Once you sign up with us, we’ll give you instructions on how scheduling takes place. Cancellations will be allowed and you can have those hours back if they go unused but hours do not roll over to the next month.

This room is reserved for our Executive Level Members only who need to unwind, watch television, play video games, or even host team building exercises or events.  This can be reserved in accordance with your monthly plan, or it can be used by you and your employees just to get away for a game of billiards or maybe some PlayStation.  We will even allow you to host some limited type of events if you’d like. And all of this is included in your membership. 

Yes, as long as you clean up after yourself, it’s within normal business hours (unless you get special permission from us), and follow a couple of other requirements.  If you’re an Executive Member we may even help you plan and set it all up if you’d like. 

Please contact our staff for this as some suite rental includes furniture, and some does not. Your plan cost may be affected by this.

Executive & Traditional Level Members will be given keys to the entrance, their suite, and mailbox.  Mail Plus and Mail Standard Members will get keys to their mailboxes only.

All tenants will get a signage plate in the reception area, and one next to their office. There is a small signage fee you will be required to pay in order to get those plates. You may also contact us about getting road signage. We offer this at a one-time cost to you.

You will have access to your mailbox during normal business hours of 8:30 am to 5pm M-F. If you are a Mail Plus Member you will have access to the conference room for four hours per month. You can reserve times by speaking to our staff as it is on a first come first serve basis. Availability is not guaranteed and we will make the best effort to accommodate your timings.  Mail Standard Members do not have access to the conference space. 

Depends on availability but yes, this might be possible. Please call us to discuss.

We are slated to open in the Fall of 2019 in Katy Texas and Richmond Texas. Expansions planned after that are for the markets of The Woodlands Texas, Sugar Land Texas, Allen Texas, and McKinney Texas. After that, the sky’s the limit!