How We Are Different

Have you ever thought that maybe combining the modern office layout with certain elements of hospitality and concierge level service would make for a truly useful and efficient office space?  We have. In fact, we’ve invented that concept. In today’s competitive business world, settling for 4 walls and a desk might be ok if you’re looking to just sustain your business or stay afloat. However if you really want to up your game by giving yourself a work environment that you’ll be inspired by on a daily basis, and projecting a professional, sleek, and impressive space to your clients, then Legacy Suites & Solutions is the way to go.

How we compare with standard office space...

Standard Non-Legacy Suites Office:

  • Ordinary
  • Basic
  • Long Term Lease Required
  • No or Few Amenities
  • No Tangible Value Being Provided Back
  • No Networking Benefits

Legacy Suites & Solutions:

  • Seemingly Endless List of Amenities
  • Marketing & PR Assistance
  • Long Term Lease Not Required
  • Secretarial
  • Coffee/Beverage Service
  • Networking that'll pay off for years

We do offer a traditional type lease as well, 

but our specialty is Concierge Executive Membership that brings you an unmatched level of service, perks, and amenities. Think Business Class Officing. 

For information on everything we have to offer, please visit Our Plans.